Top Law Firm In Abu Dhabi

Top Law Firm In Abu Dhabi

Dr abdalla binyarouf is a law firm in the United Arab Emirates providing legal and advisory services in civil, criminal, commercial, and personal matters in Abu Dhabi . 

Our law firm is a first-class full-service UAE law firm with the best local lawyers and international legal advisors and huge experience in a range of dispute resolution in abu dhabi courts as well as divorce , taxation, employment and labor disputes , corporate issues , banking , accounting , commercial , market , project development , insurance cases , energy sector , procurement and transaction services.

In addition, our professional list of lawyers in Abu dhabi are available to deal with labour litigation, dispute resolution and start-up responsibilities.

top law firm in abu dhabi

The qualified law firms are licensed to offering and providing wide legal services in the United Arab Emirates and to address local, United Arab Emirates resident and other multinational countries clients.

Binyarouf Advocates, the best law firm in Abu Dhabi have the potential to provide success advice on time with details and to register cases in accordance with the highly respected law of the United Arab Emirates.

Our lawyers in abu dhabi have accumulated more than 30 years of combined experience , they learn deeply advised and transactions throughout the region . their approach practice and expertise in finance, partners dispute , corporate , company projects and commercial law has proven attractive to corporate clients. and very reputed that we have a smart and talented team of lawyers and consultants dedicated to providing tailor-made, timely and high quality services.

Each lawyer in The law firm of Binyarouf advocates provides exceptional services to Emirati , Arab clients and multinational and foreign investors seeking opportunities in the region including multinationals , government ministries , banks , contractors , investment agencies , and financial sponsors as one of the first global law office to establish a presence in the Middle East.


Our firm based in abu dhabi is aware of the importance of training its staff, and our clients can rely on our expertise in various complex aspects of law with current updates to provide the highest level of personal service.

with direct knowledge of many legal systems coupled with strong relationships with national companies and around the world enables us to provide our clients with a global legal system standard .

Dr abdalla binyarouf growing and leading team of 20 lawyers and Working with industry leaders from many contries in the region and they confirms our reputation for providing experts and hands-on guidance to get things done and challenge markets to navigate. The level of performance enhances our ability to provide legal and business support to our customers in the United Arab Emirates and specifically for big companies we known whit our best consultancy and advises services .

we are selected as one of the first global law firms to establish a presence in the UAE, offers world-class legal services and effective solutions through our extensive regional experience and its integrated global network of offices.

Real estate attorneys in Dubai, Abu Dhabi district have extensive knowledge and extensive experience in construction, real estate , property and legal matters.

Accordingly, we confirm that our Lawyers are able to handle litigation, arbitration and similar legal complications. They are legal advisors with experience with the Rent-A-Dispute Committee, Commerce and the Arbitration Court, and are familiar with the proceedings of Abu dhabi International Financial Centre.

law firm that provides superior legal services and representation to its clients in the United Arab Emirates and other parts of the Middle East. The firm specializes in the law of criminal, civil and debt collection services in the United Arab Emirates, is an international law firm with offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, serving clients around the world.

Binyarouf advocates Law Firm established 2005 and has been recognized by Professional Attorneys of the UAE as the best super credible legal advisor and lawyer.

the family law and also Criminal law in the United Arab Emirates is not easy because it contains terms and rules derived from Islamic Sharia law . Therefore it is important to have a family lawyer and criminal lawyer in Abu Dhabi and other Emirates in the UAE who has a thorough knowledge of Islamic Sharia law . As in any other country, lawyers in Dubai have their specialties, so it is important to find a lawyer whose skills and experience match your case.

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