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Dr. Abdalla Bin Yarouf, one of our commercial lawyers, helps clients through all legal stages of their business transactions.

We help ensure successful deal outcomes throughout the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Al-Ain.

To this end, we provide our services for small and medium companies.

As well as this, we also support large firms (private sector or government).

Corporate law, also known as business or trade law, covers all legal issues for your business.

These regulations are often changing, and so, this may affect your business. 

The best corporate lawyers of Dr. Abdullah Bin Yarouf’s law firm, with their high and up-to-date business legal background, specialize in this field.

Here at Dr. Abdalla Bin Yarouf’s law firm, our commercial lawyers deliver simple, focused, and carefully analyzed advice.

Thus, we have developed extensive experience over the years. Excellence and professionalism are our core focal points.

Our legal experience has been gained by establishing and providing the best commercial law solutions. We can help with the following company types:

  • Sole Proprietorships
  • Civil Companies
  • Branch of Free Zone Companies
  • Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
  • Public Joint Stock Companies
  • Private Joint Stock Companies
  • Branch of Foreign Companies/Representative Offices
  • Branch of GCC Companies
  • Limited Partnerships with Shares
  • Branch and Representative Offices

You Need a Commercial Lawyer to be Your Legal Business Compass

Commercial lawyers have extensive legal experience in many fields.

For example, we can help with banking, healthcare, energy, real estate, leisure, insurance, e-commerce, manufacturing, technology, and more!

Our corporate lawyers provide legal representation.

Moreover, Our services are available across a range of business and commercial law.

Indeed, this is one of our most dynamic fields.

We are reputable commercial lawyers. To this end, we strive to help our clients manage their businesses.

Thus, we provide them with the information and assets they need to grow and prosper.

Commercial lawyer advice will support you!

It doesn’t matter what your business model is. You might be running a small business or investing in a large firm.

You could alternatively be developing, introducing, or distributing new products or services.

Or perhaps you’re moving to E-commerce and digital trading. There’s a solution to this for your firm! And our commercial lawyer advice will help you:

  • Establish a solid business with strong corporate foundations.
  • Collect debt
  • Understand e-commerce as well as online selling
  • Real estate disputes and property protection (house, buildings, projects)
  • Insurance sector (claims and compensation) 
  • Financial claims and disputes (corporate financing )
  • Business and corporate real estate transactions or litigation
  • Following corporate contract disputes
  • Sale terms & conditions under UAE law (real estate contracts, investment projects, and agreements)
  • Commercial contracts and corporate reports (review – editing – drafting) as per UAE law 
  • Define internal corporation policies for companies and establishments, shareholders, capital, and directors’ rights and responsibilities.
  • Confidentiality of corporate and real estate contracts.
  • Business and corporate reviews to your business under commercial law
  • Franchise contracts and following up corporate legal transactions
  • Licensing (follow-up trade license processes and transactions)
  • Partnership agreements and limited liability partnerships
  • Expertise in corporate law, liquidation, and bankruptcy-related matters.

Commercial lawyers following up the following cases:

Our team is here to help. You need the best business lawyer to handle your commercial legal matters in Abu Dhabi. Indeed, no matter the subject, we can help with cases such as:

  1. Claims:(Outstanding invoices, due payment, due amounts…)
  2. Expert appointment in commercial cases: refer matters to court-appointed experts in fields including:
  3. Banking
  4. Construction: Disputes about construction, real estate execution, building development, and property expansions (real estate contracting)
  5. Annulment of corporate contracts
  6. Negotiations and deal settlement
  7. Commercial disputes related to trade licenses.
  8. Affirmation of legal corporate business transactions 
  9. Draft and review services for corporate contracts, including: 
  • Electronic contracts which need adjustment and editing.
  • Terms and Conditions document reviews of the company’s statutes as part of the registration and incorporation procedure.
  • Edit internal policy regulations for their department.
  • Create articles of incorporation, partnership contracts, agreements and contracts of technical exchange.

Accordingly, We also provide technical support, project, sale documents, and purchase agreements.

Dr. Abdalla Bin Yarouf Lawyers, Pleading And Defending Your Rights In All Commercial Cases.

We can present before all judicial entities in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain, and the UAE.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a claimant or defendant.

We can help with your case.

Whatever, This will be before all courts under UAE law of different types and grades

Through, the specialized commercial lawyer in the concerned departments of the firm.

Qualified commercial lawyers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

We’re here to guide companies to solve commercial disputes.

So, This is achieved by reaching an amicable settlement to expedite the collection of client claim amounts.

Thereby, our clients can avoid long legal procedures.

Frequently asked questions in commercial cases:

How do I form a new company in Abu Dhabi and Dubai legally?

Establishing your business operations can get complicated.

Hence, every company needs help with finding the ideal legal structure that meets commercial objectives.

Fortunately, though, Dr. Abdalla Bin Yarouf is one of the best commercial law firms.

We follow responsible corporate practices to provide premium services.

Our commercial lawyers will guide you through the process. After selecting your business activity:

  1. Firstly, according to UAE regulations, our business establishment expert will help you choose a suitable name for your company.
  2. Afterward, we will advise you on the incorporation paperwork required and help you finalise it.
  3. Following this, we will submit and receive your license from the relevant issuing authority.
  4. We’ll then process the opening of your corporate bank account.
  5. Finally, we will attend bank meetings to help choose the most suitable finance for your company.

With experienced support, for example, the process can be completed quickly. 

Fortunately, Dr. Abdalla Bin Yarouf corporate lawyers will assist you in all legal matters.

Additionally, we’ll also speed up the process, where possible.

What is an order for payment in commercial matters?

Order for payment is a legal procedure. It guarantees that payment will be issued. It also ensures the collection of the claimant’s dues without delay.

  • As per UAE law, the issuance of a payment order requires:
  1. The debt is proven in writing, electronic, or documentary format. Moreover, it is instantly due for payment. The creditor is claiming a money debt of a specified amount only. Or, alternatively, they may claim a moveable object of a specified type or amount.
  2. Commercial law outlines the commercial deeds, as well as the contracts, that may be subject to payment orders.
  3. Assume the conditions for obtaining an order for payment are fulfilled. The creditor may assert his right within three days from filing the application.
  4. The order is issued in the absence of the opponent. Moreover, it does not require the presence of the parties, nor does it need hearings or pleadings. 
  5. Expedited enforcement is also accepted.

What Are Partnership Agreements?

Partnership agreements are a necessity:

This legal document keeps your business protected.

Above all, it is used to establish the terms of the partnership. This is between two or more business partners (parties).

Thus, the partnership agreement should cover the liabilities for each partner. It should also explain how profits and losses are distributed between partners.

As well as this, it should dictate other corporate rules, as per UAE law. In general, this should include regulations surrounding withdrawals, capital distribution, and financial reporting.

Our commercial attorney can certainly assist with drafting legal documents. We can also help with submitting and completing the required paperwork with the relevant Abu Dhabi authorities.

Partnership agreements must include terms and conditions as follows:

  1. Name, Activity Type
  2. Business Address
  3. Purpose
  4. Term
  5. Distribution Of Profits, Capital Contribution, And Losses
  6. Bank / Finance
  7. Administration
  8. Books
  9. Partnership Termination
  10. Death Of A Partner
  11. Responsibility
  12. Modification

Our commercial lawyer will help you if the partnership dissolves due to: 

  1. Partner withdrawal
  2. The bankruptcy of a partner
  3. The madness of a partner 
  4. The death of a partner


Are there consequences if I leave UAE without paying credit card dues?

Unfortunately, the bank will file a criminal complaint against you if your security check is returned (bounced).

Indeed, as per UAE law, a bounced check is a criminal offence.

Moreover, a travel ban will be imposed upon you. Because you are outside of the country,

your name will be included in the wanted list of the UAE authorities.

As a result, you will be detained when you re-enter the UAE.

If you are planning to come back to the UAE, contact us. We will help you to solve this issue.

Have I defaulted on my payment of credit card dues to the bank?

I have been using a credit card for the last three years.

Previously, my payments were always made on time.

However, my salary has been reduced. I have not been able to make credit card payments.

Thus, I defaulted on my credit card payments for the last four months. The bank has served me with a legal notice.

So, what is the legal process to be followed here?

Dr. Abdalla Bin Yarouf Advocates law firm in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Al Ain

We provide our clients with a thorough understanding of what the regulations require.

You can be confident in our support. Indeed, we will help you find the proper procedures for each unique situation!

certainly, We have the legal experience to deal with every case.

Thus, we can help with all your legal needs.

That is to say, we’re here for you – from the simplest cases through to complex banking law.

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Here at Dr. Abdalla Bin Yarouf, we represent both large and small businesses alike.

We can help your firm navigate legal issues across the United Arab Emirates.

What’s more, we proudly serve our clients’ needs and meet their expectations by finding solutions to their problems.

accordingly, We’re here to guide them, every step of the way.

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