Real estate lawyer

Real Estate Lawyer

Real Estate Lawyer In Abu Dhabi :

For real estate disputes in Abu Dhabi, legal representation is recommended.

were should always be sought from a qualified real estate lawyer.

This is true, regardless of whether you’re renting or selling properties in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, or any others area.

Fortunately, Dr. Abdallah Bin Yarouf advocates and legal consultants can provide you with legal representation.

To this end, we are considered the best lawyer in Abu Dhabi in real estate litigation . 

Our best real estate lawyer can solve complex real estate disputes!

Dr. Abdalla Bin Yarouf advocates and legal consultants include the best real estate lawyers and attorneys.

in addition, We are specialists in processing and following up all real estate procedures.

The real estate lawyer in Dr Abdalla bin yarouf law firm uses professional legal methods.

Also, work with the relevant authorities to find out the best solution for your real estate disputes.

We have a long reputed career in the legal field.

Consequently, our experience in the field is what makes us known as; the best real estate lawyers in abu dhabi.

Deep knowledge and experience in real estate law 

Likewise, our deep understanding of UAE real estate law further helps us provide premium Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Dubai real estate law services.

Hence, we can provide the best legal support in the United Arab Emirates.

Real estate lawyer Defend and Plead before the courts in all litigation areas

Our real estate lawyers are highly qualified to defend and plead, before the courts in all litigation areas.

Subsequently, we follow up real estate cases before the state courts and all relevant various governmental and administrative agencies.

Finalize Real estate transaction:

Real estate lawyer take all measures and finalize direct or electronic transactions related to the ownership process (sale and purchase).

After this, evidence is given to the relevant real estate authorities, following all UAE laws.

Dr. Abdalla Bin Yarouf advocate provide the following real estate legal services:

  1. Construction and engineering legal startup procedures:

First, Real estate lawyers help analyze project risk and select the best decisions.

After, choosing the desired construction plan, we help our clients negotiate suitable contracts.

inorder to , help clients avoid disputes related to the construction and engineering industry.

We achieve this by advising them on potential problem issues, as earliest as possible.

If, a dispute should arise:

we have experienced real estate lawyers, consultants and legal experts.

Thus, we can help manage litigation, arbitration, adjudication, and alternative dispute resolution processes.

  1. Real Estate Development And Planning

Property dispute lawyers assist investors in all stages of a development project.  

As such, we can highlight issues that can arise before, during, and after project development.

moreover, We handle a wide range of legal projects, complex and straightforward in nature alike.

  1. Real Estate Litigation

When disputes arise, real estate lawyers will find out and execute the most effective solutions by defending litigation.

also, we can go through arbitration proceedings or follow other alternative dispute resolution processes.

where this could include settlement or negotiations. 

Our real estate lawyers will request an appointment with engineering experts, if necessary.

For instance, this might be needed to obtain and understand facts to present to the relevant judicial authorities.

We will investigate what has been implemented by the contractor.

As an example, some actors we check include:

  • Deadline of project submission
  • Review the technical engineering specifications, approved plans, bills of quantities, accounts, and approved specifications.
  • Whether the agreed timetable has been followed.
  • These aforementioned checks allow us to reach a judgment that protects their interests.
  1. Real Estate Finance dispute

We have a department dedicated to studying the most prominent real estate issues.

Our team follows all stages of the real estate transaction.

Firstly, we begin at the term sheet and structuring stage.

Subsequently, we continue through to tranching and close payments.

A legal team of talented real estate lawyers and consultants provide the best legal solutions for clients.

We provide legal advice related to any real estate or civil issue for all commercial cases.

  1. Real Estate lawyers follow up all transaction

Specialist real estate lawyers follow up all necessary legal procedures with a client.

real estate lawyer help to complete many electronic and administrative practices, including the sale of real estate properties.

they also assist with the transfer of ownership contracts between the two parties (buyer and seller).

Our firm provides full supervision.

Real estate lawyer check all procedures performed for the ownership of various real estate properties.

  1. Editing and reviewing agreement by experienced real estate lawyers:

  • We draft and review all types of contracting agreements.

Of course, important real estate agreements must be arranged by a specialist real estate lawyer.

  • As such, we work on legal drafting of the terms of construction contracts.
  • Moreover, we audit contract terms for the purchase and sale of real estate in various regions.

For example, this could include title deeds.

  • We can help with drafting and auditing the clauses of lease contracts.
  • This is possible, as we are a certified real estate lawyer specializing in leases.
  • In addition, we help regulate the rental relationship and any transactions.
  • Our real estate services are available for apartments, villas, houses, and land.
  • Moreover, we follow up on disputes arising from lease contracts.
  • Your real estate lawyer can help settle agreements.
  • Furthermore, we can negotiate the terms of the purchase, as per UAE law.
  • If that wasn’t enough, real estate lawyers ensure compliance with all legislation and procedures.

These services are true, regardless of whether support is needed by United Arab Emirates citizens or expatriates.

  • Accurate legal drafting of contracting company contracts is vital.
  • That is to say, they allow the project owner’s relationship with the contractor to be organized.
  • Moreover, lawyers can help regulate the relationships with funding agencies.
  • All the while, they also prepare brochures of regulations, conditions, and standards for projects and tenders.
  • A real estate lawyer will ensure that all legal documents relating to the proper registration of property contracts and deeds are submitted to the appropriate registry.
  • They also follow issues regarding the current situation of real estate properties and the whole property’s condition. This assumes that the property is free of all fees, charges, and occupants.
  1. Coordination between parties:

Ensuring communication between all parties is key. These parties can include,

for example, the seller, buyer, partners, and their legal representatives, and real estate agents.

A real estate lawyer will provide follow up support, verification, and research for the property’s financial position and contracts.

Thereby, the lawyer ensures the rights of all parties.

  1. Investigate the property’s legal status:

Some of the most critical legal status checks require a strong legal background in real estate.

Hence, real estate lawyers are needed to investigate the property’s legal status.

This is incredibly important. To clarify, it will allow the lawyer to investigate and inform the buyer of any problems.

These issues may affect the decision or conditions of owning or selling such particular property.

  1. Mortage procedure:

Real estate attorneys follow the legal procedures related to releasing the mortgage on properties in the courts.

  1. Inheritance procedure:

Real estate lawyers can follow up endowment issues.

As well as this, they can manage inheritance and division of estate cases.

They protect the rights of an individual to use the property (usufruct).


Our real estate lawyers holds higher degrees in law.

We work to help with proper legal guidance in arbitration cases and real estate disputes.

Above all, we have devoted ourselves to reaching successful judgments favoring our clients’ property and rights.

Legal Services which our real estate lawyers can provide:

  • Resolve disputes and arbitrate between investors, developers, and contractors
  • Provide careful legal guidance before signing lease contracts
  • Review the rental and lease terms of commercial and residential real estate contracts
  • Solve construction and development contracts disputes fairly
  • Finalise the procedures of acquiring real estate
  • Establishing and licensing real estate businesses
  • Refund of down payments or cash deposits
  • Breach of contractual obligations
  • Send notice warning and register claims (for example, construction defects, late delivery)
  • Long-term and short-term leasing (for example, apartments, residences, and lands)
  • Review of lease renewals
  • Review the rental and lease of commercial and residential real estate
  • Settlement of disputes between landlord and tenant
  • Legal and regulatory procedures for the progress of projects
  • Solving construction and development contract disputes
  • Review transactions for property sales

Real estate advice

Real estate attorneys advise each party involved with the case.

These individuals could include the real estate developer, seller, buyer, or real estate broker.

So, Always consult a qualified lawyer in real estate contracts before signing them to review and verify each clause.

You should also check you can abide by the contract’s terms.

For example, this might include:

  • Handing over the real estate unit within the agreed time periods.
  • You should also check you will be able to pay for the real estate Installment on time.
Legal Care Super Support

The defense and pleading of our firm’s attorneys are accredited before all judicial authorities in the United Arab Emirates. This is true for all real estate lawsuits (primary appeal, cassation).

We work in Abu Dhabi. We also have other law firm branches in Dubai and Al-Ain.

If you have any questions, please contact our best real estate lawyer at 0507334500

Or, you can contact us by writing your inquiry and sending it via the contact form below or through email: –

Our top-rated real estate lawyers and consultants in the consulting department will be happy to answer your inquiries.

Indeed, getting professional support is the best way to solve any real estate problems that you may face.


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