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The Best Law Firms In Abu Dhabi

Do you need help with family law, criminal law, employment law, also real estate, or property law ? If so, then Binyarouf is the right law firm in abu dhabi for you.

best law firm specializes in these areas of law and have a team of experienced lawyers in abu dhabi ready to provide our clients with personalized solutions and the most effective results.

Initially, we are committed to diversity and inclusion as well as providing a flexible value-driven approach that meets your needs.

Whatever the issue is, Binyarouf has the right solution for you.

Law Firms In Abu Dhabi

Legal Services

1. Family / Divorce Law

Binyarouf law firm offers legal services about family law in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates. That is to say, It covers the various aspects of divorce and family disputes.

• Assisting in the drafting and registration of marriage contracts

• Advising on marital status, divorce or annulment proceedings, child custody, and maintenance orders.

• Negotiating prenuptial agreements to cover provisions for children (such as a statement of paternity), division of property upon separation/death

• Arranging specialized family mediation sessions with an emphasis on domestic violence issues.

• Dividing up assets during dissolution if necessary

divorce lawyer

2. Criminal Law

Our law firm stands out as one of the best law firms in Abu Dhabi to have on your side should you be arrested and charged with a crime.

Throughout the legal process, we will work closely with our clients and their attorneys to assess any potential defenses and select the best course of action for success.

Whereas , The scope of legal services in the region of Abu Dhabi UAE include:

• General crime cases

• Commercial crimes

• Murder cases

• Drug trafficking cases

• Terrorism crimes

• Fraudulent cases

• Theft or embezzlement crimes

criminal lawyer in abu dhabi

3. Employment / Labor Law

Dr. Abdulla Binyarouf advocates and legal consultants have the knowledge and expertise :

to represent employers in contentious labor disputes, as well as the skills to assist them with a wealth of other employment needs.

Subsequently, We offer a full service on employment law – from lawful termination to settlement agreements.

We have successfully handled claims for gratuity and unlawful dismissal on behalf of individuals employees, as well as for companies.

The lawyers in the firm are competent enough to settle as per internal law and the United Arab Emirates rule.

Additionally, We are carried out to providing attentive customer service that is responsive to our client’s needs, even when those needs are sudden or urgent.

Also, we understand that discrimination issues can be very sensitive, that is why we are performed highly to maintaining confidentiality throughout the process.

labour lawyer

4. Real Estate Or Property Law

Whether, you are a home buyer, renter or landlord we can help. We specialize in developing tailored solutions for property owners/managers as well as tenants with our extensive experience in residential leasing, commercial leasing, investment properties, development projects, etc. 

A team of attorneys has the knowledge to assist clients from the pre-construction phase through acquisition and sale transactions.

Our law firm in abu dhabi provides advice and representation in all aspects of intellectual property and contract law.

and, The real estate lawyers offers a full range of services in Abu Dhabi and the middle east.

The practice areas of the legal firm in Abu dhabi include:

• Drafting and negotiating commercial contracts and leases.

• provide legal advice regarding ownership issues or disputes.

• Advising on the sale of property and rights to use land

• Guaranteeing payment for work

• Bankruptcy cases

• Guaranteeing payment for goods sold for export

• Rental agreements

law firms in abu dhabi

5. Banking & Finance Services

Binyarouf provides comprehensive best legal advice and assistance with commercial finance, banking, and capital markets transactions.

We offer top-quality advice to banks on their operations in the UAE through an understanding of Sharia law and legislation.

Also, our lawyers in Abu Dhabi will provide legal advice for the international law of banking and practice areas.

we offer legal services for a range of financial services across the Abu Dhabi to help you in Advising on:

•  Leasing or purchasing property to invest in as an investor

•  On investment opportunities in the UAE or abroad

•  Carrying out transactions with other companies, including mergers and acquisitions.

bank settlement

6. Commercial / Corporate Law

Most trusted commercial law firm for clients in the UAE and beyond who require personalized, effective legal services tailored to their unique requirements.

We offer our commercial law services to companies of all sizes across a wide range of industries:

• Drafting and negotiating contracts

• Corporate governance issues

•  Acquisitions or disposals of shares or assets

• Guaranteeing title deeds for property transactions

corporate lawyer

7. Maritime & Shipping

reputed Legal team provides advice to clients on all aspects of maritime and shipping law. We offer our services to companies and individuals involved in the maritime industry:

• Shipping vessels

• Technically advanced equipment or machinery

• Offshore structures such as oil rigs or developments

• Service contracts for shipyards, dockyards, towage firms, port authorities, freight agents, etc.

• Advice on chartering ships to transport goods and passengers on the high seas.

• As well as, provide General advice on international trade, including customs clearance procedures that need to be followed since they vary depending on the type of goods imported or exported.

law firm in abu dhabi

Why Choose Us?

1. Client-Focused Solutions And Results

We believe our clients want more than just legal advice i.e. solutions to their problems! It means we provide tailored strategies for your unique needs without sacrificing quality workmanship.

Accordingly, The lawyers in the team are proud of the fact that there are we have expertise in the field(s) of law that you need help with, work hard on your case. Binyarouf has both!

2. Diversity & Inclusion

in fact, binyarouf considered as one of the top law firms in Abu Dhabi provides facilities in terms of diversity and experience to a client.

 on the other hand, You’ll get the best from our diverse team – one that’s knowledgeable about UAE laws and customs while also having international law experience.

3. Beyond The Billable Hour

We are focused on providing you with the best possible outcome and solutions in your case while keeping costs down as much as they can be.

Similarly, This means giving you options for payment plans for our services or achieving an out-of-court settlement if that’s what makes sense for your particular circumstance.

4. Industry Leaders

Proud that we are one of the best law firms in Abu Dhabi providing full service in legal matters, family law, criminal defense, employment or labor law as well as commercial/corporate laws.

Absolutely, You’ll get both worlds due to our professional approach in the middle east. Do reach us through message or give a visit at our offices in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates.

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