We adopt a work strategy that intends to exert huge effort to comply the administrative development with the technical competency. To achieve this we have selected professional consultants and researchers according to accurate measures and accordingly the office has established a special section to follow up the principals and was equipped with the recent technological potentials to provide the principals with detailed reports over all procedures taken in their cases since submission to the office; together with clarifying the developments and subsequent procedure. This department is also qualified to receive inquiries of principals and reply to them quickly and accurately by using a reference number for each principal within the office database program.

The cases offered to the office are studied by specialized and efficient consultants to reach the legal adaptation of the case and setting basics of management thereof with sound methodology. In this context, we work on raising the legal efficiency of its staff by developing the skills of legal negotiation to conclude the settlements with the best and most successful proposals to satisfy the parties of the dispute. If this is not possible, the office does its best to preserve the interest of its principals by filing the claims and follow up thereof before courts, arbitration panels and competent.

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