lawyer in Abu dhabi

Lawyer in Abu Dhabi

Lawyers in Abu Dhabi offers high-quality legal services :

As a full-service law firm, Dr Addalla Bin yarouf lawyer in Abu dhabi provides a complete range legal services in all law branches. 

The Advocates in dr abdulla law firm are helpful, very proactive, quick to offer help and legal advices.

Our lawyer Categorized into different legal Practice area


We Have Highly Professional lawyer in abu dhabi Trained To Meet Client Needs:

reputed and best law firm in Abu Dhabi :

Deals with business creation, agreement, contract drafting service, franchises, licensing, and other corporate legal services.

Furthermore, our firm has the experience, human skills, capabilities, and technical equipment necessary to ensure our clients’ best legal services with the highest quality.

Team of the best lawyers and legal advisers in Abu Dhabi 

lawyer in abu dhabi , reputed, experienced: 

Dr Abdalla bin yarouf, with his team of expert lawyers in Abu Dhabi , Has become well-known popular experts in all legal field.

specifically, criminal law, commercial law, and family law, Maritime Law, Banking Law, Real Estate Law, Arbitration.

in fact, help you to achieve your goals and resolve your legal litigation

Attorney in abu dhabi

the best lawyer in abu dhabi Assembly in Dr Abdalla Bin yarouf which is most reputed legal firm that is based in Abu Dhabi ,Alain ..

specifically, their level of following, pleading and documentation was even appreciated by the court judges.

and, was really impressed by the level of detail reflected in support of client files.

However, their hard work always rewarded with impressive advantages.

in order to, provide the high quality legal services 

Best advocates and legal consultants assembly to provide high legal services

As well, you can expect an exciting legal career working with high-level clients such as large commercial companies and financial institutions. 

thats why  Dr Abdalla Bin Yarouf advocates and legal consultants office is truly, experts lawyer in the all legal field and solves complicated criminal cases.

Experienced advocates and lawyers in abu dhabi :

Furthermore, our firm has the experience, human skills, capabilities.

and technical equipment necessary to ensure our clients’ best legal services with the highest quality. 

Practice Area:

From commercial cases to personal and family dispute to criminal.
Therefore, we practised many areas of law several years ago.

If you are looking for a reputable law firm.
certainly, these years of practice reflect the triumph of most of our cases in 95%.

Size of the firm :
we have many departments specialized in each law that positively affect the client expectations that we deal with.

Therefore, The high legal services performance we provide gain the total satisfaction of all our previous clients.

Company ethos:
we clarify clearly what You need to know how a firm operates, its reputation in the community and what the working procedure for each case is like.
Accordingly, Searching these factors will give you a clear and good idea if you’ll fit in.

Location :

Our firm mainly locates in Abu Dhabi. It has offices across the United Arab emirates.

so, you need to take this into account as your base could affect the types of firms you can apply to anywhere in UAE.

Why Choose Us?

If you are facing a legal issue, then right now, more than anything else, you want a lawyer in abu dhabi or dubai who can comprehend your position, recognize your problems, and make a valuable and efficient solution as per the law in the shortest amount of time feasible.

Dr. Abdulla Bin Yarouf Advocates and Legal Consultants, are lawyers in Abu Dhabi, honing this strategie in law since our start. Our law firm has provided results-oriented legal counsel to Abu Dhabi and clients around the UAE for several years in some of the largest cases.

If you choose the Dr. Abdulla Bin Yarouf Advocates and Legal Consultants, our firm will strive to give four key advantages:

·       Results-Oriented Counseling – Our law firm fights for the outcomes that you and your family deserve in UAE.

·       Honesty and Integrity – Our law firm always provides upfront, straightforward advice and always seeks in building trust with our clients.

·       Low Risk & Low Stress – We work swiftly to resolve your issue, saving you time and stress, and principles of punctuality govern us.

·      Our solutions and traditional approach are developed and tailored to apply to each client’s specific issues in UAE.

Why is it essential to have an attorney in Abu Dhabi that is quick and gets results? It is cost-effective when applied on a practical level. The shorter your issue takes to resolve — especially if you want to avoid specialized litigation—the less expensive it will be. More significantly, we know from experience that the longer a divorce, child custody alimony, antitrust case, property dispute, corporate matter , privacy matter, trademark disputes, real estate cases insurance matter, employment dispute, bail matter, accident compensation, or any other type of conflict drags on, the more harm it does. We do not want it to happen, and we know you do not want it to happen either.

We bring to you what you need!

Personalized and committed service has been a priority for our law firm in UAE since its start, and it continues to be a hallmark of our practice. We do this by looking at each case individually and giving it the time and attention it deserves. Then we customize and branch out our services and contracts to serve the client’s requirements. Our services are of high quality, comprehensive, and innovative, and they are delivered with a constant focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness and fast settlements.

Our qualified lawyers in Abu Dhabi are experts in various aspects of law and combine a commitment to customized representation with tenacious, hard-hitting legal advocacy and document filing. We have a combined legal experience of more than half a century. We have handled several high-profile legal cases throughout that period, including multimillion-AED claims, tax fraud cases, and criminal defense cases involving serious offenses. Our lawyers know how to battle for their clients and, more importantly, how to win.

How we will help you out on a personal level and our work ethics

At Abdulla Bin Yarouf Advocates and Legal Consultants, we are firmly against such steps. So, these are steps we take on a personal level to ensure that you as a client is always comfortable and satisfied with the case and us:

·         We value a collaborative approach in which we work with you as well as for you.

We do not simply mean our legal staff when we say the word “team” in our language; we also represent you in that. That is because you are a vital member of the team. While we handle the legal elements of your case, remember that this is your life, and no one understands you or your situation better than you. Your suggestions will always be appreciated.

·         We will pay attention to you to comprehend your objectives.

You have come to visit a lawyer in Abu Dhabi for a purpose, and we would want to hear about it so we can give dedicated advise to you on the best course of action and your ultimate destination which would be a resolution for your legal concern.

·         While assisting you through your case, we will make you feel comfortable and secure.

Litigation may be intimidating in this country and may require having someone on your side for advising and that can make all the difference. When dealing with the other side in difficult situations with tons of documents that you would prefer not to manage alone, knowing how to employ the magic words “call my lawyer” may be helpful to achieve the win.

·         We are obsessive about (relatively) rapidly responding to phone calls and emails.

If you face situation were you wait several days for a response from your previous lawyer in Abu Dhabi or any legal consultants every time you have an issue with legal procedures, you will lose valuable time and sleep during that duration. Your expectations will be lowered and the experience may be distressing.

It is true, nothing is more annoying than spend hours to look for hiring a reputed lawyer in Abu Dhabi and then having time pass by with nothing occurring and just stay confused. While our lawyers considered most best legal team assembly in one place, we understand that you want immediate answers to your questions. Our experienced lawyers in abu dhabi  know how critical it is for you to hear from us fast as possible . In comparison to others, our lawyers will answer you within one business day or in few hours, we aim to answer all phone calls and respond to all emails. We also include you in all communications, so you are always up to date on the status of your case and other important legal concerns like alimony payments.

Is your case tough? We will be there for you.

Many of our clients come to us with complicated legal matters, including apparently unsolvable complex legal issues and rules or irreversible harmful truths with regards to their personal or LLP concerns. However, we flourish in those situations because we appreciate and even embrace the strong challenge of handling such cases. Every case we litigate has a purpose, and our success has always been based on collaborating with our clients to establish a solid strategic strategy. At the outset of each engagement, we work closely with our clients to develop realistic goals and define what success means in that specific case, both legally and commercially in terms of income. We use our analytical skills and courtroom expertise to establish a clear, practical plan with those set aims in mind. We know which facts are crucial, which arguments are essential, and which battles to choose. We can help our customers through even the most challenging issues in this manner.

Are you on a tight schedule? We will help to resolve your dispute quickly and efficiently.

We recognize that litigation has significant commercial ramifications for businesses. Going to the trial process, particularly in complicated commercial litigation, or in issues related to financial crimes may lead to increased expenses. Even if a corporation has a solid case, it is typically in its best interests to avoid going to trial. Winning does not necessarily imply thrashing the rival on the court—it might also imply hitting a keystroke as soon as possible. We routinely win pre-trial motions by providing the best legal arguments viable against other parties. This plays to another of our critical assets: our motion and appeal experience. Our lawyers represent clients in both trial and appellate courts around the country regularly.

One more thing – We WILL win your case and deliver you the desired results that you deserve

The only thing you want from your lawyer is for your case to be won. A “win” in UAE jurisdictions can refer to a variety of things. The accusation may be reduced to something far less severe. It may mean saving you thousands of AED in penalties or even losing your job by avoiding a prison term. In the best-case scenario, the charge will be withdrawn, and you will be able to walk away free. Your lawyer’s goal, regardless of the specifics of your case, is to enhance the outcome.

That is why having the proper lawyer is so important. They will put up a more substantial legal fight for you and support you. They are better knowledgeable about the law and how to select a successful approach for you by a thorough analysis. The most excellent lawyers will defend your civil or criminal case as if it were their son or daughter on trial or in the middle of a business conflict to obtain justice. You can tell whether a lawyer is concerned about your case. We are exactly that at Abdulla Bin Yarouf Advocates and Legal Consultants.

Contact us Today!

Our firm is here to assist and provide you if you are ready to take legal action professionally. We are trusted to obtain the best possible conclusion in your case. If you appoint us, our associates will provide smooth, care-tailored legal counsel with solutions for each situation you bring to our attention. Our mission is always to handle our clients with the utmost respect and care. We encourage our customers to engage fully in their cases to the degree that they have time to make informed decisions at each stage. We have worked with people of different nations, beliefs, origins, and gender preferences in the past. When you seek legal advice from our firm, Abdulla Bin Yarouf Advocates and Legal Consultants will guide you through all the legal decisions you must make. Call to ask any question 00971-507334500.

legal practice area

Pleading and defending you in all cases assigned to us before all judicial entities in the UAE.

whether, in your capacity as claimants or defendants.

Therefore, the pleading will be before all UAE courts of different types and grades, through the specialized departments of the office as follows:

1-  Contracts, banks, moreover, financial institutions department

2-  Civil and commercial law, rental claims department

3-  E-commerce law besides,  information technology department

4-  Intellectual property and trademarks department

5-  Insurance cases department

6-  Arbitration and conciliation department

7-  Criminal law department to illustrate, ( crime _ drug _ forgery ... defense )

8-  Personal status department

9-  Labor  employment disputes and human resources law department

10- Marine and air law department

11- Debt collection department

12- Clearing Transactions

13-Drug cases and specifically, work to reduce judicial prison sentences for various criminal offences.

14- Family disputes for example,

Divorce cases, personal status, custody rights which filed Before the Sharia Court in Abu Dhabi

15- The Real Estate Department to resolve dispute between parties regarding construction and engineering projects (real estate lawyer)

16- Section for following up  bounced check cases and registering civil lawsuits. furthermore, to collect the amount due of the check without balance

17- Editing contracts,  agreements terms  and conditions.

therefore,  drafting all administrative and legal documents

18-Providing legal advice and consultations

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